Words are Important – capeesh?

February 15, 2019

In Westmount, Quebec there is a burning controversy over whether the City Council followed the law when recently giving themselves a 50% pay increase. Intrepid letter writer J. Locke(yours truly) spelled out the issue in a recent letter to the editor.

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Sunday Poem: Into The Soil The Earthworm Slinks Away

February 3, 2019

Into the soil the earthworm slinks away     /
As the Robin watches ever intent     /
Why is it that animals like to play?    /

Where would we be were it not for decay?    /
We are governed by the laws of excrement    /
Into the soil the earthworm slinks away.     /

It was not a Robin at all but Jay
Jay, Robin. Birds like to misrepresent
Why is it that animals like to play?

In retrospect it was a Robin, okay
Its bright orange breast likes to torment
Into the soil the earthworm slinks away.

Whatever bird you are I cannot say
For your voice has an unknown accent
Why is it that animals like to play?

Ornithologist I sure am not today
I will slink back into my apartment
Into the soil the earthworm slinks away
Why is it that animals like to play?


Sunday Poem: Lessons From A Snowball

January 27, 2019

From the corner of my eye I saw the snowball coming

But I was busy humming.

The snowball had a small rock in it

But I was too busy humming

It was coming

I was humming

Coming humming coming humming coming

Luckily, the snowball with the rock

I caught in the corner of my eye

Did not catch the corner of my eye

Why? Why? Why?

Because I slipped my body tipped

and the snowball with the rock clipped

me on the shoulder

And I learned one thing from that snowball with the rock

that passed by my eye

and it is this:

Do not put all your eggs on one shoulder.

Sunday Poem: What Kind Of God Would Deprive Kids Of Stars?

January 20, 2019


What kind of God would deprive kids of stars?       /

Obviously, one who is not polite       /

How wise are our modern day avatars?       /


Heavy light resembles smoke from cigars

A foul man-made fog that gives no delight

What kind of God would deprive kids of stars?


Growing up I remember seeing Mars

Only Venus matched its loveliness at night

How wise are our modern day avatars?


Boys and girls now live with eyes behind bars

Lumen profusion’s a crime against sight

What kind of God would deprive kids of stars?


Why so many street lamps? I blame cars

Sometimes bright ideas are not so bright

How wise are our modern day avatars?


The romantic dark is no longer ours

We had it stolen by villainous light

What kind of God would deprive kids of stars?

How wise are our modern day avatars?


Sunday Poem: Council, Council On The Wall

January 13, 2019


Council, Council on the wall
Whose the fagarest of them all?
When you cut a fifty-percent raise
I move you move to another field to graze,
Watching you chew cud in this pasture
Gives me a belly full of distasture.

Sunday Poem: Baker’s Logic

January 6, 2019

If you can’t bake a raisin pie

You don’t deserve a raise in pay.

gazette_pay raises

Abuse of Privilege in Westmount, QC.

January 1, 2019
Photo Christina Smith

Westmount Mayor Christina Smith may receive a 54.8% pay raise.

Does the Mayor of Westmount deserve a 54.8% increase in pay?

This is what Westmount City council is proposing. They want to raise the pay of the Mayor from $43,934 to $68,000. This is a whopping big increase, if you ask me.

Although the Mayor may deserve fair remuneration, one must ask why there have not been adequate increases in the past? Did no one on council ever consider the subject? Were they previously sleeping, or merely frugal?

This is why I humbly believe that a 54.8% increase in one broad stroke is NOT indicated. If the matter had not been considered by previous councils, in these times of tight budget allocations should this council unleash such a massive remuneration increase?

Largess and abuse of privilege have no place in local governance.


Sunday Poem: The Air Is Unfair

December 30, 2018

The air is unfair

The carbon is thick

Government health says

Shut your mouth. You won’t get sick,

As my lungs get coated

Old lungs tell the story

Each cough gets noted

As I continue to worry.


Air once was oxygen

But now is soup

Breathing capital C Carcinogen

Is worse than poop.

In the bus garage

I knew something was off

With diesel fume barrage

All I could do—cough.


But it is the brain

That needs fresh air

Yet the more I complain

It seems more become unaware.


Sunday Poem: Aquarium, Aquarium

December 23, 2018

by J.J. Lokshtanov


Aquarium, aquarium

That was the place

Where I am.

But now

In backward somersault

I swear I am.

Sunday Poem: Sung Wayside

December 18, 2018

Inspired by Governor-General’s award winning poet Cecily Nicholson’s spasmodic book, Wayside Sang, I present my Sunday poem, Sung Wayside:

     Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

     Never won a Governor-General’s award for poetry.

     I rest my case.