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Tarsands is turning into Alberta’s atrocity

April 29, 2010

Former Fort Chip chief is gaining world attention

by Jack Locke

If the laws of the land were justly applied, the tarsands would not be poisoning Albertans. And if those laws were applied, then the tarsands operators would be shaking in their boots.

But when the government not only looks the other way, but encourages these acts of pollution at Herculean proportions, then those same government officials must be held accountable.

“Previous Alberta governments did not do enough to protect the health of people living near tarsands development or downstream of the many projects,” says David Swann, leader of the Alberta Liberals. “They were callous and irresponsible.” (more…)


David Swann’s planet is a good one

April 18, 2010

Published in the Calgary Herald, David Swann’s planet is a good one, can be read by downloading a .pdf file HERE . Next time a poem, perhaps?