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My experience with type 2 diabetes: And the nutrition that is saving me

August 18, 2015

Very interesting diabetes article.

Pehtahbun Peawanuck Dibajimona

By Sam Hunter

Sam Hunter caribou hunting. Sam Hunter caribou hunting.

Sometimes no news is good news and other times bad news can actually change a life for the better. About 10 years ago I never thought I would get devastating news from a doctor that would change everything in an instant and alter my perceptions on disease, nutrition and the way I live my life.

It was a strange morning about a decade ago, my eyesight being bad for years had suddenly become perfect vision upon waking up – there was no longer a need for spectacles. Calling the clinic about what seemed to be a miracle, I would instead be disappointed by the gut wrenching news that I was in fact a type 2 diabetic. My immediate thought was, ‘there is no way this is right.’ The doctor explained that my blood sugar level was 31, compared to a normal level of…

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