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Limeriq: Dean Del Mastro Will Have His Day In Court

September 28, 2013

Dean Del Mastro

Dean Del Mastro will have his day in court

For misreporting, or for reporting short

With the law on his heals

And endless appeals

He best retain a lawyer who is smort.



New rail safety regulations to be unveiled ‘this year,’ Raitt says | CTV News

September 22, 2013

The government needs to improve the Railway Safety Act, which was amended and received royal assent on May 17, 2012.

They removed the following from the law: “To recognize the responsibility of railway companies in ensuring the safety of their operations.”

The entire process of legislating railways and enforcement needs change. Minister Raitt’s changes to regulations are mere window dressing. A Royal Commission into railway safety is needed.

New rail safety regulations to be unveiled 'this year,' Raitt says | CTV News.

Quebec’s Charter of Clothing

September 19, 2013

Quebec’s Charter of Clothing has a source–
A hangry group, Mon Dieu! that eats horse
When they ban bolo ties
Of conspicuous size
For this cowboy, nothing could be worse.