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Portraits from On The Ice Road

February 22, 2016
Kozak and Fireman Attawapiskat

In Attawapiskat, Ontario, photojournalist Nick Kozak(left) and Antoine Fireman walk on water, albeit frozen, on Feb 12, 2016. “I live in the bush, I didn’t have an education, only 6, only as far as I go,” says Fireman. But he has much knowledge neither Kozak nor I possess. Photo by Jack Locke.

I’m proud of my 16-day odyssey travelling, writing, and photographing the people and places along northern Ontario’s ice roads with photojournalist Nick Kozak. Beginning in Toronto, north to Attawapiskat, and then back we went.  The blog Portraits from On The Ice Road tells a healthy fraction of the story. There’ll be more to come.