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Harper Government abuse of power

September 10, 2011

What will Canada's Harper do next?

by Jack Locke

I yearn for the good old days, when the Government of Canada was known for patronage, nepotism, and contract granting to pals. Now, they’ve gone too far.

Recently, the Harper Government has been using the people’s resources to promote His empire. It is clearly an abuse of power.

“Harper Government Invests in New Energy Efficiency Initiatives,” proclaims a headline on the government’s website. Other headlines also start with the blatant commercialization of Him, “Harper Government takes another step towards eliminating job-killing red tape.”

The Right Honourable has expropriated the government service for his own political aggrandizement.

The poor public service technicians must have been bullied by this new policy, obviously agreed to by a gang of Harper’s hand-selected, election-planning plotters.

Soon, expect to see Harper’s mug on the twenty-dollar bill. The multitudinous ways in which his creative team of hijackers can manipulate communications for their venal purposes is unlimited. They will bend the rules, rewrite the rules, or as in the present case, abuse the rules.

It is a sad day when Harper and his scallywags can play political mischief with near impunity.

Their reintroduction of the word Royal to Canada’s Air Force is prescient. It is not only the Air Force that is a Royal.