How Elections Canada allocates broadcast time to political parties, unfairly

Canada’s Broadcast Advocate was asked to allocate paid broadcast time to all parties equally. But on June 23, 2015, Peter S. Grant, the broadcast advocate allocated broadcast time to favour certain parties over other parties


Political Party Minutes:Seconds
Conservative Party of Canada 107:00
New Democratic Party 78:30
Liberal Party of Canada 45:30
Green Party of Canada 20:30
Bloc Québécois 16:30
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada 9:30
Christian Heritage Party of Canada 8:30
Libertarian Party of Canada 8:00
Communist Party of Canada 7:30
Rhinoceros Party 7:30
Canadian Action Party 7:30
Pirate Party of Canada 7:30
Progressive Canadian Party 7:30
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada 7:30
Marijuana Party 7:00
United Party of Canada 7:00
Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency 7:00
Seniors Party of Canada 6:00
Democratic Advancement Party of Canada 6:00
Forces et Démocratie 6:00
Canada Party 6:00
Bridge Party of Canada 6:00
Total 390:00

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