Bill 10: The Great Quebec Hospital Interlard

Bill 10. Call it the Great Quebec Hospital interlard—the amalgamation of English health facilities into one big tourtiere.Has the current provincial government learned nothing from the municipalities merger fiasco?

Bill 10 proposes to combine disparate Montreal health facilities under a board of directors provincially and politically appointed. Has Health Minister Gaétan Barrette flown over the cuckoo’s nest?

I can hardly wait till the proposed super regional health board, outvotes the token Jewish board member, and dictates pork cutlets onto the menu at the Jewish General. Or will they turn the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre into a drug rehab facility?

Should we be worried? Absolutely.

“…there is a significant risk that some of the measures in Bill 10 will dilute the distinctive traditions, values and image of these institutions by transferring responsibility for linguistic rights and religious/cultural identity to the newly established Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux(CISSS),” states the Jewish community’s November 18, 2014 joint response to the Quebec government’s Bill 10.

The joint response was drafted and issued by the Jewish General Hospital,  the Maimonides Geriatric Centre,  Mount Sinai Hospital, the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital,  Miriam Home and Services, the Jewish Eldercare Centre,  the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, and Federation CJA .

Yet, without constant vigilance, the community’s response can be twisted into an appearance of support. This has already happened. It is insidious and very dangerous to the health of our cherished community-based institutions.

“This unprecedented announcement will bring profound changes to the way health care delivery is managed in Quebec. I believe the proposed restructuring will help improve the continuum of care to all who set foot into any medical facility in the province,” says Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, Jewish General Executive Director, on the hospital’s website.

Help? The community response outlines clearly how Bill 10 will HARM:

1. “…there is significant risk that some of the measures in Bill 10 will dilute the distinctive traditions…;
2. “Equally detrimental would be an inability, particularly at the Jewish General Hospital  (JGH), to maintain the current level of success in recruiting top clinical staff and  researchers …”;
3. “Compounding this potentially damaging situation is the absence of any explicit provisions in Bill 10 that would safeguard the status of all Jewish bilingual healthcare and  social services institutions. ”

So how on earth can Dr. Rosenberg believe Bill 10 will help?

If you want to eradicate the Jewish General’s excellent reputation, dilute its board. If you want to weaken the superb Mount Sinai facility, dilute its board. If you want pork chops at Maimonides, dilute its board.

This is the latest threat to the survival of minorities in Quebec. Bill 10 is unkosher legislation and must be opposed.


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