Montreal School Board Commissioner lixiviates information, prepares for flogging

by Jack Locke

The English Montreal School Board(EMSB) has voted to hire legal counsel to prosecute a complaint against Commissioner Julien Feldman before the board’s Ethics Commissioner for lixiviating public information.

State security secrets? Private personnel data? Lixiviation on the scale of Wikileaks? No.

He is accused of lixiviating the proposed salaries of the EMSB board of commissioners, of which he is one.

Feldman is accused of lixiviating the information to a citizen prior to a council meeting. The board has a rule that prohibits information from being disclosed prior to board meetings, or that is how the Chair interprets the rule.

Full Disclosure: It is alleged that Feldman sent me the information and that I accidentally forwarded the email to the Board’s Secretary General, Nathalie Lauziere. I can neither confirm nor deny this accusation.

The disclosed information supposedly showed the proposed salaries of all board members, ultimately approved by the board. In an email, Lauziere was asked whether she had received the heretofore mentioned errant email and if so, what she then did with it.

I have received several emails on December 10th, 2014 coming from you, one with the subject line EMSB$.  It was addressed directly to Mrs. Anne Lagace Dowson and myself, cc  Julien. No private mention was on it and no confidentiality clause was included. This email was sent after to Mr. Stocker, Director general and Mrs. Mancini, Chairman,” wrote Lauziere in her email.

From there the complaint against Commissioner Feldman apparently got rolling full steam ahead.

The exact wording of the charge against Feldman was not disclosed publicly at the January 28, 2015 meeting. It was referred to as “the resolution on page 63.” However, the motion to hire a prosecutor can be seen on the board’s website video archive at and occurs between 42:12 and 50:45.

All of these machinations transpired prior to the public question period. There, a citizen asked Chair Angela Mancini whether the board had consumed wine during their dinner break immediately before the resolution to reprimand Feldman. The citizen also asked who had paid for the wine. That story can be read at: .

I asked the question because I thought it pertinent. A little wine can drive people to distraction.


One Response to “Montreal School Board Commissioner lixiviates information, prepares for flogging”

  1. publicpoetry Says:

    Correction: It’s not a by-law, but a policy rule that says information… shall be kept secret.

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