EMSB Wine Entitlement

by Jack Locke

Poor role models, indeed.

At an English Montreal School Board meeting this evening, Chair Angela Mancini disclosed that not only did commissioners drink wine between an in-camera session and the regular meeting, but that the wine was paid for by tax dollars. It is an affront to parents and students, but the notion did not seem to phase the Chair.

[Video of the Chair’s admission can be seen on the EMSB video at http://emsb.canadacast.ca/archive_2015-01-28.mp4.html    1:14:51 – 1:15:28]

And obviously, no one on the Board has raised the matter publicly.

I attended a December 17, 2014, special meeting of the EMSB, and as I waited for them to return from their in-camera session I saw four bottles of wine being carefully ushered toward the board’s meeting room.

Tonight, I received my answers, also videotaped and live-streamed by the EMSB. All I can say is I was deeply offended. It is one thing to drink prior to a meeting, it is another thing to drink at a break between the meeting. And then it is wholly inappropriate to accept wine at the taxpayers expense on a regular basis.

Is the EMSB Board fit to govern? Good question. Vote in the Lockeblog poll HERE.

* An earlier version referred to commissioners as councillors.


4 Responses to “EMSB Wine Entitlement”

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    […] As confirmed at last month’s meeting, various board members drink wine between the in-camera session and the open to the public portion of the meeting. (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO) […]

  2. spotswoodpress Says:

    I don’t see drinking and guiding as compatible activities for paid administrators and their staff. Let them go out to a bar after a meeting is finished and drink to their hearts’ content on their own nickel!

  3. Poll: Should school board trustees drink wine during their meeting? | Lockeblog Says:

    […] Recently, English Montreal School Chair Angela Mancini said that school board trustees regularly consume wine at the break during their meetings. To see more, click HERE […]

  4. Montreal School Board Commissioner leaks information, prepares for flogging | Lockeblog Says:

    […] to reprimand Feldman. The citizen also asked who had paid for the wine. That story can be read at: https://jjlocke.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/emsb-wine-entitlement/ […]

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