A Grooked Poem

Piet Hein was an inventor, designer, and poet. In 1940, with Nazis approaching, he started writing a series of short, witty and insightful poems called Grooks. I have taken a stab at this art and suggest you try your hand at it. Go for it.

Here is a sampling of my Grooked poems:

It’s difficult to sleep

When birds aloudly peep

I’d invest in thicker windows

If I weren’t so cheap, cheap.


Energy East is a pipeline vast

Thrust forward at full throttle

When oil leaks we’re all aghast

Can’t blame critics for breathing chipotle.


In Canada we suffer like elves

A long and protracted Winter

It’s why I stock my shelves

With bottles from the vintner.


Foolish are men

When we are rash

If driving then

We tend to crash.


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