Oh Quebec: Why Did You Deny Me My Right To Vote?

On November 2, 2014, I arrived at the English Montreal School Board polling station at Westmount High. I was promptly informed that I was NOT on the voters list and was not able to register my constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote. WTF?

As a result I have now registered my anger by email with: Yves Bolduc, Quebec Minister of Education; the Directeur général des élections du Québec; EMSB Chair Angela Mancini; Robert Stocker, EMSB Director General; and EMSB Commissioner Julien Feldman.

I voted in the 2007 English Montreal School Board election.

In 2011, I was informed that I had been transferred to the French voters list(Commission Scholaire de Montreal). I promptly filed a form to have my name placed on the EMSB voters list, with the assistance of an EMSB Commissioner.

In today’s letter of complaint I asked:

  1. What recourse do I have?
  2. Why was I transferred to the CSdM voters list?
  3. When was I transferred?
  4. Under what legislative authority did this occur?
  5. Regardless of any legislative authority, my constitutional right to vote in my preferred school board was denied and I wish to know what course of action will you undertake to remedy this wrong?

I am certain I was not the only citizen denied the right to vote, and have requested a public inquiry into this important matter.

I await answers.


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