Poem submitted to the Competition Bureau: The purchase of Sun Media by Postmedia

by Jack Locke

The proposal by Postmedia to Acquire Sun Media’s English Language Newspapers and Digital Properties raises serious questions about a free press, monopolization of an industry, and the freedom of citizens to partner with newspapers in the expression of opinions.

The newspaper biz is not like shoe manufacturing, though both have certain things in common. The newspaper and information business allows for discussion of ideas, debate, and criticism. Normally, I would be in favour of media companies being not an industry that is subject to government review. A free press must not be constrained in any manner by the political machinations of Parliament.

In the same way that I would not want the government of Canada to restrict my blog writing, I cannot support restraint upon Postmedia’s purchase of Sun Media. And though there is little comparison between my blog and these large corporations, the principle of a free press must rule.

I submit that the purchase of Sun Media be allowed to proceed, moreover, that the Competition Bureau does not have jurisdiction over this transaction, monopolistic as it appears to be.


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