Possible explanation for deaths of 3 Montreal teens

by Jack Locke

It’s not easy to explain the deaths of the three boys killed by a VIA Rail train nearly four years ago.

VIA Rail's time is nigh

VIA Rail’s time is nigh

At 3 AM, Oct 31, 2010, a VIA Rail passenger train was coming into Montreal from Toronto. It was three hours late, passengers on the train were tired(Witness on fateful train tells her story), and then it happened. The train travelling at approximately 113 kilometres per hour(70 mph) ran over three Montreal-area teens, killing them.

The train was just about to enter a section of track with a 56 kilometre per hour speed limit(Was deadly bullet train speeding?) The train engineer did not blow his horn, did not apply his brakes prior to hitting the boys.

TSB coats english_right

No investigation was conducted by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board (Transportation Safety Board fails Dylan, Mitch and Ricardo) to ascertain why the accident happened and what could be done to prevent similar future occurrences.


The police did not find evidence of alcohol nor drugs, but another explanation may be found: fatigue. In a news story issued today, CBC reporter Dave Seglins writes that many train engineers have trouble keeping awake, Freight train drivers report falling asleep on the job. It’s a well-known occupational hazard.

And perhaps, it was the cause underlying the tragic deaths of three Montreal area teens, Dylan Ford, Mitchell Bracken-Guenet and Ricardo Conesa in the early morning hours of October 31, 2010.


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