Let Us Rush To War, Beat the Drum, Defeat Terrorist Jihadists, and Promote Poetry In One Fell Swoop

by Jack Locke

We are outraged and alarmed.

The terrorist jihad has becometh global.

They will attack, ‘disbelieving Canadians in any manner.’

The rambling of the lunatics’s words are matched by their actions.

There have been unspeakable atrocities against the most innocent of people.

They have tortured and beheaded children, raped and sold women into slavery, slaughtered minorities, whose only crime is being or thinking like us.

They stand or stood on the brink of committing large-scale genocide.

Canada is prepared to defend poetry and poets.

We will launch books against ISIL.

In addition to these book launches, the Government of Canada will, send poets into non-combat, counter-terrorism roles.

We will deploy in a non-combat role up to 69 members of the Canadian League of Poets into Iraq.

This will halt ISIL’s spread in the region and greatly reduce its capacity to launch terrorist attacks outside the region.

Moreover, the revulsion of the Government of Canada to the actions of the Assad regime is well known.

But we are participating only in a counter-terrorism operation against the terrorists around ISIL.

We have no intention of participating in a war against the government of any country in the region.

The actions we have announced are ones that could be ended with relative ease.

Let me also say that the non-military measures we are taking do not in any way preclude military back-up.

There is no either/or here.

Let me also assure Canadians that the Government will continue to be seized with the broader terrorist threats against Canada. I reiterate, the Lac Megantic tragedy instigated by a foreign corporation, was not committed by ISIL.

We have strengthened laws in this country to deal with the issue of so-called Canadian foreign corporations.

We have broadened the grounds for passport revocation against such people as well as allowing for the stripping of citizenship from dual nationals who engage in novel writing activities.

Nevertheless, for regional and global security and, of course, the security of Canadians, this action is necessary, as we approach an upcoming election.

If Canada wants to keep its voice in the world, and we should engage since so many of our challenges are global, being a free rider means you are not taken seriously.

The threat posed by ISIL is real.

And it is grave.

“I call on all members of this House to show their support for this mission and of course our support for the brave men and women of the Canadian League of Poets who are now and always ready and willing to answer the call of their country.”


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