Not a cover-up, but a cover over

by Jack Locke

Well, well, well. What a difference a weekend makes.

Last week, I had requested a list of names of those persons the Transportation Act review had invited to make submissions to their panel. After all, the review’s website said: “The official consultation process will commence in the upcoming weeks, at which time the Chair of the Canada Transportation Act review will formally invite submissions.”

The first reply received by email from the review’s secretariat said, “The Secretariat has over 1800 stakeholders with interests in the Canada Transportation Act Review.”  Needless to say, the 1,800 stakeholders had not been invited, at least not formally. Their second reply clarified the situation.

“No specific parties were sent invitations,” said the second email reply. They withheld that small detail from their first reply. Canadians have been formally invited, but not specifically invited. Based on the government’s first email, I presumed that the government was covering up information, rather than merely misleading me.

Thus, I thank the review secretariat for making me feel foolish. It does not bode well for a high-priced government tribunal to provide misleading information. It does not bode well for a transportation critic to assume he can get a straight answer.






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