Cover it up Conservatives*

*This story has been updated at Not a Cover-Up, But a Cover Over, to correct a small detail.

by Jack Locke

They are artists in the art of cover ups.

When three Montreal-area teens were struck and killed by a VIA Rail train on October 31, 2010, there were no charges laid against the train operator. As reported in The Turcot Train Tragedy, questions were raised about whether the train was speeding and whether it was being driven in a safe and legal manner. Despite these questions, the federal government and three successive Conservative Party transport ministers refused to investigate deeper. All my pleas to Lisa Raitt, Denis Lebel, and Chuck Strahl were given short shrift.

Chuck Strahl, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities

Chuck Strahl, former Minister of Transport.


Former Transport Minister Denis Lebel.

Current Transport Minister Lisa Raitt.









Nearly a year after the Lac Megantic train tragedy killed 47 people, Minister Raitt appointed a Transportation Act Review. Amongst other things, the review will hear submissions on all aspects of transportation in Canada, including, “how safety and well-being concerns related to rail transportation (including the movement of dangerous goods) through communities can be addressed.”

According to the review secretariat, 1,800 people and organizations were invited to make submissions.

“The Secretariat has over 1,800 stakeholders with interests in the Canada Transportation Act Review,” wrote the government in an email. However, people like myself, who have expressed concerns over the past three years were not invited to make submissions.

When I requested a list of those 1,800 invitees, the government responded that I would not receive a list.

“Our webiste(sic) has all the pertinent information from the Mandate of the Review to the Discussion Paper to how to send in a Submission.

“As such, our communication media is our website,” wrote the government secretariat.

It leads me to conclude that those who have been invited are those who are agreeable to the government, and moreover that the government has no interest in protecting the safety and security of Canadians.








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