First letter to Canada’s Transportation Act Review

When the Canadian government announced it was holding a review of the Transportation Act and that the chair, David Emerson, had invited some Canadians to make submissions, I wondered why I hadn’t been asked. After all, I had been writing letters to Transport Minister Chuck Strahl, his successor Denis Lebel, and his successor Lisa Raitt. Obviously, they were aware of my interest in Transportation, particularly rail safety. I concluded they must have me on another list, the one that doesn’t get invited to submit. So here is the letter I wrote to the Transportation Act Review Secretariat Executive Director on Sept 25, 2014:

Dear Sir,

I understand that the Chair of the Canada Transportation Act Review invited a number of individuals or organizations to make submissions to this review. I wish to ask if I may receive:

1. A list of those parties who were invited to submit; and

2. A generic copy of the invitation issued.

I thank you for your attention to this request and would appreciate this information at your earliest convenience, preferably by email.

Yours truly,
Jack Locke




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