I Await The Minister’s Reply

Hi there cyberland,
Here’s a letter I sent to Quebec’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety Lise Thériault on June 5, 2014. I await a reply.

Dear Madame Thériault ,

I wish to request a brief meeting with you to discuss a request for a public judicial inquiry into the deaths of Dylan Ford, Mitchell Bracken-Guenet, and Ricardo Conesa who died after being struck by a VIA Rail train on Oct. 31, 2010.

A request for a judicial inquiry was sent to your predecessor, Minister of Public Security, Stephane Bergeron, on March 28, 2013. The letter came from myself and Jamie MacAllan, Dylan Ford’s mother.

He refused our request.

Our letter sought a public or judicial enquiry to look at that tragic event because a recent coroner’s report was filled with factual errors that led to poorly considered conclusions. I attach that coroner’s report(en francais.) One of the major errors was the speed of the train. The coroner listed the speed at 63 mph, whereas Canada’s Transportation Safety Board noted the speed at 70 mph, according to documentation I received from them.

To know conclusively what speed the train was travelling, and the location where the train struck the boys, it is necessary to examine the Locomotive Event Recorder. The Quebec Coroner did not examine, or did not list having examined this data.

Why is a judicial inquiry needed? I acknowledge a judicial inquiry is a very expensive undertaking. However, when three young boys’ lives are cut short, it is very important to know the truth of what transpired and what can be done to prevent future tragedies.

Following the deaths, I conducted a journalistic inquiry that does not compare to the standard a judicial inquiry can bring to the matter. My findings can be seen at https://jjlocke.wordpress.com/turcot-train-tragedy/

For my inquiry, I contacted Montreal police, but was given virtually no information. I received access to information documents from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. My request for information from VIA Rail was denied. Thus, my inquiry falls short of what is needed to draw a complete picture.

Only a judicial inquiry can compel the provision of documents, information from witnesses, and cross-examination of evidence.

My belief is that the VIA Rail train was three hours late arriving into Montreal, that the train was speeding, and that the train engineer was not driving the train with due care.

I thank you for considering my request for a meeting to discuss this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.



Jack Locke


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