When VIA Rail ignores me

There are times I wish people would reply to my letters. This one, dated Mar 27, 2013, to VIA Rail’s current president remains unanswered. Pour quoi?

Dear Marc Laliberté and Yves DesjardinsSiciliano,

On October 31, 2010, three Montreal area boys were killed by a VIA Rail train.

The Coroner of Quebec has recently released a coroner’s report in the
death of one of the boys, Dylan Ford. I attach that report.

Unfortunately, the coroner made numerous errors in describing the
circumstances surrounding this tragedy. Those errors include:

1. Wrong assessment of where the accident occurred;
2. The speed of the fast moving train; and
3. Conclusions in respect to the circumstances of the deaths.

Much has been written about this incident and more information can be read at:


Following release of the coroner’s report, Jamie McAllan (Dylan Ford’s
mother) and I recently asked the Government of Quebec to conduct a
judicial inquiry.

I ask for your support in calling for a proper inquiry to ensure that
accurate information is known about this tragedy so that future
mishaps will not happen.

Thank you for your attention to this request. If you wish to discuss
this further, I can be reached at this email address or by telephone…


Jack Locke




2 Responses to “When VIA Rail ignores me”

  1. publicpoetry Says:

    David J. Cox, are you saying that a coroner’s report, an erroneous coroner’s report, is a can of worms? Or that a speeding train is a can of worms? Or that a country that refuses to investigate the deaths of 3 boys is a can of worms? In all cases, I think it is a travesty in need of exposure.

  2. David J Cox (@Greendavidjcox) Says:

    Can of worms, my brother…can of worms.

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