Robert Poeti, are you listening?

Letter originally sent June 12, 2013. Still waiting for a reply.

Dear Monsieur Robert Poeti,

We seek your help in getting Québec’s Minister of Public Safety,
Stephane Bergeron, to call a public or judicial enquiry into the
deaths of Dylan Ford, Ricardo Conesa, and Mitchell Bracken-Guenet who were killed by a VIA Rail train on Oct. 31, 2010*.

We recently received a letter(dated June 7, 2013) from the Minister
suggesting that a Coroner’s report was adequate in explaining the
causes of death of the 3 boys. Previously, Dylan Ford’s mother, Jamie
MacAllan and I wrote the Minister a letter(dated Mar 26, 2013)
explaining our concerns that the Coroner’s report included erroneous
findings of fact, which ultimately affected the Coroner’s conclusions.

We wrote:
“Unfortunately, the coroner made numerous errors in describing the
circumstances surrounding this tragedy. Those errors include:

1. Wrong assessment of where the accident occurred;
2. The speed of the fast moving train; and
3. Conclusions as to the cause of the deaths and the legal
responsibility for the deaths.”

We attach a copy of the Minister’s reply and the original Coroner’s
Report.  Our concerns are that the operator of the train was largely
responsible for the deaths and that the review of the Coroner was
wholly inadequate.

We would be more than willing to speak with you further about this. We look forward to further discussions.

Jamie MacAllan
Jack Locke

*Original letter had mistakenly said 2013.


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