Alberta’s Premier Hancock fooled me

by Jack Locke

I think Dave Hancock is a lousy choice for interim premier of Alberta.

It was 1999. I had written the Alberta Government on behalf of the Alberta Human Rights Coalition, asking that the government under Premier Ralph Klein conduct an independent inquiry into:

1. The death of Karman Willis;

2. The actions of the RCMP in northern Alberta; and

3. The impact of oil and gas development on the health of Albertans.

When Hancock, then Minister of Justice, wrote me back he said nothing about his department intercepting my private communications, which they were doing at the time of his writing me. However, he did say that no inquiry would be held. That “matters that involve allegations of criminal conduct or inappropriate behaviour are best settled within the criminal justice system in place in Canada.” Even though nothing has transpired in the case of Karman Willis.

Moreover, he said: “The impact of the oil and gas industry on human health is also best handled in the context of the existing Alberta framework.” Once again, I beg to differ, significant health issues continue.

It is a testament to the strength of the oil and gas influence on government that would see Dave Hancock become premier of Alberta. Not much has changed.




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