Reply to letter from the federal Transport Minister

Dear Ms. Raitt,

Thank you for your reply to my letter. It has been some time since I sent you my letter, I think you are referring to my letter of July 15, 2013. Regardless…

Yes, Lac-Megantic is a tragic accident. Worse, is that it may have been prevented through pro-active safety measures enacted and enforced by the federal government. Be assured, I am glad the government is taking a few measures to deal with serious deficiencies in railway safety.

What concerns me is one thing you have written:
“I should explain that, as federally regulated private entities, railway companies are responsible for the safety of their rail line infrastructure, railway equipment and operations.”

Perhaps one thing that I should explain, is that the following objective of the Rail Safety Act was removed from the legislation in 2012:
“To recognize the responsibility of railway companies in ensuring the safety of their operations.”

You may say that railway companies are responsible, but this specific objective of the law was deleted from the legislation. It was replaced
by words that don’t even come close to what you have written. If you think that railways should be responsible for railway safety, then the law should say precisely that.

And after the law gets amended, then we can talk about the three railway deaths in Montreal that occurred on Oct. 31, 2010.

Yours truly,
Jack Locke


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