Supreme Court Supremely Short

by Jack Locke
SCC Judges
In what might be the Supreme Court of Canada’s shortest written decision ever, they announced that they have searched their records and found no evidence of blatant judicial wrongdoing by former judges Bora Laskin and Willard Estey.

“The Supreme Court of Canada conducted a thorough review of its records and it does not have any documents relevant to the alleged communications by former Chief Justice Bora Laskin and former Mr. Justice Willard Estey in relation to the patriation of the Constitution of Canada. This concludes the Court’s review,” said the Supreme Court’s entire press release.

The cover up by the Supreme Court reminds me of the covering up by the Catholic Church. Whether former C.J. Bora Laskin disclosed details of the court’s constitutional patriation deliberations to politicians is one thing, highly improper, but would not be wholly surprising. But the current court’s short conclusion is even more pathetic, insofar as they only looked where you would not expect to find incriminating evidence.

I hope the extent of their review entailed more than looking through the drawers of Laskin’s last desk.


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