Ooops. Liberal voter numbers don’t add up

by Jack Locke

Yesterday, the Liberal Party of Canada said they had 127,122 registered voters. However, the Liberals previously reported(Mar 30) they had 130,744 registered voters. A decline of 3,622 voters–what gives?

As the Liberals get ready to announce their new leader on April 14, following this week’s online and telephone voting, the integrity of the voting process appears to be crumbling.

Earlier, Lockeblog reported that Princeton University computing science expert, Andrew Appel, said online voting is “laughably insecure.” This opinion was echoed by Carleton University computing teacher Dr. Jeremy Clark, who said, “Online voting has significant security risks that makes its use in high stake elections, like a leadership race, questionable.”

Strangely, on Mar 20, the Liberals reported they had 127,126 registered voters. And as the numbers keep bouncing up and down, Lockeblog will be seeking answers from Liberal spokesperson Sarah Bain.


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