Protect the rich, says Supreme Court

Justice LeBel wrote minority opinion

Justice Louis LeBel wrote the majority opinion in today’s supremely short-sighted decision.

It is ironic that judges who earn in the top 1 percentile of Canadians, would deny a Quebec mother the right to be supported by the anonymous Quebec F_cker who impregnated her three times.  The children will receive ample support, but their mother may be forced to apply for welfare. That is poutine justice, sloppy and ill-considered.

In a split decision today the Supreme Court said that Quebec is a distinct place: free to violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, because it is Quebec’s way.  It is Quebec’s way to protect the right of the rich who do not want to be responsible for their freedom to conjoin.

As vulgar as the decision was, the fact that the courts of Canada have hidden the identity of its litigants is also repugnant to the notion of freedom of communication and the notion of open public courts. We, the peons of Quebec, will receive no support from the courts, and no information about who is shafting whom.

To read the pap from the Supreme Court go HERE. I recommend reading it if you have insomnia.


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