A Hole Has Been Opened


A Hole has been opened. Now that I have The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper’s phone number(see Thanks Barack), I should make a list of things we should talk about, you know, priorities items. Well, that is a daunting prospect, as I have criticised him over many things in the last 20 years. Where shall I start?

  1. Why does the Prime Minister not list a phone number on his website? Are you shy?
  2. Why should the Chief Justice of Canada’s Supreme Court receive a 24% raise this year? Are you trying to curry favour with the C.J.?
  3. Why is the government opposed to repatriating Canadian Ron Smith from Montana’s death row? Do you not care?
  4. Why has the government not laid charges in the deaths of 3 Montrealers by a VIA Rail train on Oct. 30, 2010?
  5. Why are applications for oil-well drilling in the Beaufort Sea not available to the public for review? What have you got against Beluga whales?
  6. Was it your idea that Government of Canada communications be started with the words, “Harper Government”? Don’t you think it is tacky?
  7. Is it true that you want Senate Reform, or Senate Conservative?
  8. Why did the Railway Safety Act remove the legislative obligation of Corporate Responsibilty for ensuring safety?

I think that is a good list to begin with but I am not sure that the Prime Minister will be able to chat for 15 minutes. He wasn’t able to give Chief Theresa 5 minutes, so I am not sure if he will give me the time of day? Anyway, a hole has been opened, I only hope the orifice won’t shut closed before business has been conducted.


One Response to “A Hole Has Been Opened”

  1. Derrick Says:

    Great article.. It would take a day or two for all the questions i have…..

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