Thanks Barack


White House File Photo/Pete Sousa

White House File Photo/Pete Sousa

Hello. May I please speak to President Barack Obama?

“May I ask what this is about?” answers the professionally-trained operator at the White House.

“Well, it is about open, transparent government,” I answer, pausing for a moment before adding, “in Canada.”

“I’m sorry, but you’ve got the wrong country,” the operator gently answers.

“Yes, I know that,” I acknowledge, “but unfortunately, our Prime Minister, Stephen Joseph Harper, does not list his phone number on his website, and I thought that President Obama might be willing to share it.”

“You’re kidding, I hope. The Prime Minister of Canada does not provide a phone number with which people can call him?”

“No, he does not,” I respond.

“Just a minute, I’ll see if I can find it for you on his website, I’ll just be a moment,” the operator says.

One minute passes, then two, before the operator’s voice returns.

“I checked the website at,” the exasperated operator huffs. “His website says, ‘The Prime Minister greatly values the thoughts and suggestions of Canadians. You may write, e-mail or fax his office.’ ”

“Jesus, you are right. There is NO phone number listed. That is shameful. Just one minute and I’ll patch you through to the president’s office.”

And that is how I received the Prime Minister of Canada’s phone number.


2 Responses to “Thanks Barack”

  1. David J Cox Says:

    you rock

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