No Justice

The Federal Court decision that ruled that Metis are Indians under the law, is a case that points to the inefficiencies and deficiencies in Canada’s justice system.

 The 173 page decision in Daniels et al. v. Canada, written by Federal Court Judge Michael L. Phelan, is a case study in a judiciary that has lost control. The case only took a dozen years to come to trial. The lead plaintiff Harry Daniels is no longer around to see this Pyrrhic victory.

 The cost of bringing this simple question to court, Are Metis to be considered Indians under the constitution, was somewhere between $2 million and $6 million.  In addition, the appeals have not yet begun. This is shameful, and it tells average Canadians that we have a dysfunctional court sytem, compounded by a dysfunctional federal government.

 At nearly every turn since Confederation, the federal government has been in active denial mode, pinching pennies while denying generations of Metis their legal rights. I am appalled.


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