Need Separation in Westmount, QC

The City of Westmount and its elected officials are once again
supporting a Chanukah Party, and a Christmas Tree Lighting Party this coming December. I say, for shame.

Not that I have any opposition to any person conducting a religious
ceremony on their private land, in religious sanctuaries, or in a
private home. But the action when held on municipal property–with
municipal support–violates my belief that there must be absolute
separation of church and state. Squeezing in these annual ceremonies,
in my opinion, is as repugnant as being told how to vote by a rabbi or
a minister.

I have complained about this practice before, only to have it fall
upon deaf ears. For those deaf ears, I refer you to a YouTube video
of the late American President John F. Kennedy entitled, JFK: Church and State.

The Province of Quebec has a long and sordid history of church-run
governments and the last vestige of that unfortunate acceptance
remains. I do not support the payment of taxes going toward supporting
church and synagogue activities. Not one penny.

If I should choose to donate funds to the church of my calling, so be
it. But the City of Westmount ought to separate public activities from
religious activities. And the lighting of Christmas trees and a
menorah fall into the latter category.

Now, if the City of Westmount would like to make the pedestrian lights
at the corner of Greene and Dorchester safer, I would applaud that.


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3 Responses to “Need Separation in Westmount, QC”

  1. Anne Streeter Says:

    Agree completely! Our TMR Council decided 2 years ago to remove all religious symbols from City Hall. It created a major stink but it is done now and I’m assuming it will remain that way. High time! Not an easy sell but the right one.

  2. David J Cox Says:


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