Bell Bill Bull

Bell Canada Enterprises lists “Improve Customer Service,” as a strategic imperative. Yet, they started charging customers $2 to receive a paper bill for telephone and internet services.

“I say, keep your damn bill!”

(LEGAL NOTICE: BCE, its employees, agents, and representatives who read this post will be subject to a $2 million fee.)

My letter to The Gazette on BCE’s $2 fee will be discussed on Montreal’s CJAD Aaron Rand show
Monday, Nov. 19, 3 – 7 PM

In 2011, BCE reported revenues of $19.5 Billion. So why gouge your valued customers? Thomas C. O’Neill, BCE Board Chair, let’s talk.

You identify certain risks to your business:

“Improved customer service and an enhanced perception of
Bell’s service offerings by existing and potential customers are
critical to increasing customer retention and ARPU and attracting
new customers. There is a risk that we will not be able to retain
existing or acquire new customers if our products, services and
service experience do not meet customer expectations.”

Exactly! So? Make customers pay $2 for their bill?

The federal New Democrats have started a campaign against what they call, Stop Pay-to-Pay Fees. They want folks to sign their petition. Their site is at:

It is really, really rotten when megalithic corporations run roughshod over citizens, and megalomaniacal governments don’t want to hear about it.


2 Responses to “Bell Bill Bull”

  1. William Schreiber. Says:

    It’s a rip-off by a large Corp. Where can I add to your list of protesters? I am a very longtime customer of Bell. I use, Bell landline, Bell Cellular & Sympatico! They should not ding me, $2.00 for their invoice.

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