I am reposting my series on The Turcot Train Tragedy as it approaches the second anniversary of that horrible event. Alas, with no government accountability. Installment 14.


By Jack Locke

Newly disclosed documents shed more light on the Turcot Train Tragedy and the VIA Rail train that hit three young men in Montreal at 3 A.M., Oct. 31, 2010. Not very pleasant light.

The bundle of documents reveal the Transportation Safety Board of Canada(TSB), Canadian National Railways Ltd.(CN), Transport Canada, and VIA Rail all repeatedly call the 3 dead youths, Dylan Ford, Mitchell Bracken-Guenet, and Ricardo Conesa, “trespassers.”

The various event reports place blame for the incident almost instantly upon the dead teens and nothing in the documents suggest any responsibility for the deaths be placed on the shoulders of VIA Rail. The lack of questioning in the documents by various investigators is remarkable.

A CN Incident Report written at 4:58 A.M, Oct. 31—the morning of the incident—shows this clearly.

“P66831-30 proceeding eastward at 70 mph on south track at mile 4.7 Montréal sub(subdivision), hit 3 trespassers…

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