I am reposting my series on The Turcot Train Tragedy as it approaches the second anniversary of that horrible event. Alas, with no government accountability. Installment 2.


by Jack Locke

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board(TSB) will not conduct an investigation into the deaths of three Montreal area teenagers who were killed by a three-hour-late VIA Rail passenger train on the morning of October 31.

“We’re not going to investigate,” says Julie Leroux, a TSB media officer. She says the TSB decides whether or not to conduct investigations on a “case-by-case basis.”

“We only investigate if we think we’ll learn something new that will affect safety,” adds Leroux.

This is almost verbatim what Leroux is reported to have said in a Canadian Press article in the 2008 airplane crash, piloted by Bare Naked Ladies’ Ed Robertson.

“Spokeswoman Julie Leroux said the TSB will launch a probe ‘only if there is something new to learn from the occurrence – if not, we don’t investigate,’ ” wrote The Canadian Press.

Maybe I miss the whole idea of “investigation.” How can anyone…

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