Help return Ron Smith to Canada from US death row

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Serious doubts have been cast on whether Canadian Ron Smith received a fair trial when he was sentenced to death in the state of Montana 30 years ago. In fact, because he was poorly represented and not afforded protection by the Government of Canada, he did not even have a trial.

Judge Betty B. Fletcher of the US Court of Appeal, 9th Circuit concludes in a dissenting opinion that Smith did NOT receive due process of law. Her findings are certainly strong enough to demand improved Canadian intervention and a return of Smith to Canada.

Guilty pleas must be knowing and voluntary. Smith’s fateful decision to plead guilty and seek the death penalty was neither. At the time of the arraignment, he was deeply depressed because he had been in solitary confinement for some time and subjected to harsh living conditions. He had received deaths threats from Native American inmates and believed that he would be killed in prison. Most importantly, his attorney was manifestly ineffective,” Judge Fletcher writes.

Her full opinion can be read HERE.

The full court’s opinion can be seen HERE.

Please circulate this to your friends, family, acquaintances. And write letters, comments, emails to newspapers and MPs. CLICK HERE to find your Member of Parliament.
I thank you for your help.

Jack Locke


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