Dramatic rescue

Montreal firemen rescue injured crane worker

Accident happened 80 feet above the ground

by Jack Locke

“It’s a tough way to start the day.”

That’s the way Angelis Koutsos, co-owner of Brioche Dorée described the crane accident at the new 1250 Greene Avenue condo-development worksite in Westmount, Quebec. His bakery cafe is immediately adjacent to the construction site.

“Workers arrive here at 5 or 6 o’clock normally,” says Koutsos.

At 6:46 AM, Montreal’s emergency services received a call of an injured worker.

According to Jonathon Langolf, a worker for subcontractor Geodex, the crane operator climbed to the top and then fell down to the first platform below. The tower is designed with an alternating ladder with platforms to prevent anyone from falling the entire distance from sky to ground.

Langolf estimated the operator fell 15 feet down the safety encircled ladder.

“I lent my gloves to him this morning. I had to climb the tower,” says Langolf.

It was a particularly cold morning with Environment Canada reporting the temperature at Trudeau International at -11, a full 6 degrees colder than the previous morning.

The crane is on lease from Guay Inc. one of Quebec’s more established crane companies.

“He was conscious when we reached him. We talked to him. He had a 2 inch opening on his head and an injured shoulder,” says Langolf. He says the injured man, whose name he did not know, came around better as they waited for emergency crews to arrive.

Firemen give the old heave-ho to raise worker from site

Injured man lifted over worksite fence

The mishap drew at least a half dozen police cars, three firetrucks and numerous support vehicles.

At 8:12, the accident victim was finally placed onto a stretcher and lowered approximately 100 feet down the outside of the crane tower by rope. He was accompanied by a fireman who carefully rappelled down alongside the stretcher.

An official at the site said the injured man was Stephan Lemire. The general contractor for the building is Reliance Construction. Urgence Santé communications chief David Sasson said the man was 44 years old and suffered lacerations, but no other injuries.

Injured crane operator about to be lifted into ambulance

At 8:30, the injured crane operator was loaded into an ambulance and driven to Montreal General Hospital for medical care.

It certainly is a tough way to start the day.


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