Canuck Keystone Kops Promote Keystone Pipeline

by Jack Locke

Harvard grad, Joe Oliver, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources puts Canada second

You would think the Government of Canada would put the interests of Canada first, in front of the interests of other nations. Unfortunately, Canada’s current government is putting the interests of continental energy security ahead of Canadian energy security.

“Minister Oliver also took the opportunity to reiterate the government’s strong support for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, noting that ‘the Government of Canada believes the project is an important plank in building continental energy security,'” states a Sept. 23 press release by Canada’s Department of Natural Resources. The release was titled, Minister Oliver Touts Canada’s Energy Resources and Economic Strengths.

But the TransCanada PipeLines Limited Keystone XL project’s true plank is to provide America with energy security.

“KXL has the potential to be an economic boon for Montana’s economy by increasing jobs and tax revenues and opening up potential new markets for oil from our Bakken and Williston formations,” wrote Montana’s straight-shooting Governor Brian Schweitzer, in a May 2010 letter to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“The pipeline could also potentially enhance U.S. energy security…” he adds.

What’s not said is that the pipeline could potentially harm Canadian energy and economic security. By transporting vast quantities of non-renewable, raw oil products, Canada will lose the opportunity to create new jobs through further refinement before shipping.


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