Investigation: Initial summary findings

by Jack Locke

File photo showing Turcot tunnel area where VIA train came to rest

1. The train that killed Dylan Ford, Mitchell Bracken-Guenet, and Ricardo Conesa on Oct. 31, 2010 was travelling at a high speed through the Turcot area of Montreal, estimated at 113 kilometres per hour(70 mph);

2. The five young men who were on, or near, the track received no warning of the train’s approach;

3. The engineer of a train driving at night with a headlamp and ditch lights should be able to see a man 800 feet ahead of the train. Travelling at 70 mph, this should have given the VIA engineer 8 seconds visual warning prior to impact;

4. The Montreal Police Service will not confirm whether or not the engineer of the train was tested for drugs or alcohol;

5. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada notes that 427 persons have been struck and killed by trains in the past five years. The calling of these people ¨trespassers” is inaccurate and is a matter that needs to be addressed by the TSB. They have investigated none of these deaths;

6. VIA Rail will not disclose any information regarding their investigation, nor will they disclose information recorded by the Locomotive Event Recorder(which records important train activity);

7. A gyrating light that allows greater awareness and visibility is not a required piece of equipment on Canadian trains.

8. VIA Rail has not assumed responsibility for the tragedy.



2 Responses to “Investigation: Initial summary findings”

  1. publicpoetry Says:

    Reblogged this on Lockeblog and commented:

    I am reposting my series on The Turcot Train Tragedy as it approaches the second anniversary of that horrible event. Alas, with no government accountability. Installment 13. *(The first installment 11 was removed on compassionate grounds.)

  2. dreamlistener Says:

    “As a Crown corporation Via receives a yearly operating subsidy – which amounted to $103.3 million in 2002. Passenger and other revenues for the same year were worth $270.7 million.”


    “Although the 1951 federal Financial Administration Act (FAA) declared that crown corporations are “ultimately accountable, through a minister, to Parliament, for the conduct of (their) affairs,”

    which means, as we, the people are funding via rail through government subsidies, and as via is responsible to the government for the conduct of their affairs it is up to us to demand that ALL HUMAN DEATHS CAUSED BY VIA be properly investigated and that VIA ASSUMES THEIR RESPONSIBILITY both to the people who are paying them (we, the people) and the government who is supposedly making them accountable.

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