Petition to stop Quebec tax gouging

The Quebec government imposes a provincial sales tax upon goods and services purchased, after the federal Goods and Services Tax has been applied. This tax on a tax raises the current PST from 7.5% to an actual rate of 7.85%.

I think this is illegal, unauthorized under the law, and plain wrong. I asked Quebec Minister of Finance, Raymond Bachand, to address the issue, and his department answered that all is kosher, according to law. I disagree.

Thus, I have requested four MNAs, Pierre Curzi, Sylvie Roy, Amir Khadr, and Jacques Chagnon to table a petition in the National Assembly to allow Quebec citizens to sign the petition on the government’s website and to have the government be accountable.

The additional taxation is applied upon charges by Hydro Quebec. Thus, the government derives an annual surcharge from Hydro Quebec, provincial sales tax on electricity bills, and a tax on the GST amount levied on bills. A triple taxation. For unemployed people, people on limited incomes, the tax on tax creates hardship.

If you are willing to contact your MNA seeking support for this petition, please let me know at: <> Thank you. Here is the proposed petition:

WHEREAS the Quebec Sales Tax is applied upon the combined total of a good or service and the federal Goods and Services Tax;

WHEREAS under the current economic situation individuals and families can benefit from additional money in their pockets; and

WHEREAS a tax upon a tax is excessive and oppressive;


The undersigned citizens of Quebec request that the Government of Quebec cease applying the Provincial Sales Tax on top of the federal Goods and Services Tax.


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One Response to “Petition to stop Quebec tax gouging”

  1. dave Says:

    count me in!

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