Taxing us to debt

by Jack Locke

Montreal/Westmount – An issue that has me long upset is the pyramid taxing of the GST by the Quebec Provincial Sales Tax. You know, the Quebec government doesn’t only impose the PST on goods or services, but also levies the tax on the GST. (About an extra $9 million annually.)

I’ve read the 1994 Supreme Court Decision in the reference to that court, and nowhere does it say the province may impose a sales tax upon the GST. I wrote the Premier and the Minister of Revenue in Quebec saying what they were doing is illegal, unwarranted under the law. And I asked for a refund. They brushed me off like a fly.

Premier Charest, here I am, Musca domestica.

I wrote a poem to let off steam, which I include below. But the fact remains, the provincial government is taxing tax. If that’s not corrupt, I don’t know what is.

Je Me Souviens

When the taxers tax on top of tax
I’ll never get a chance ever to relax.
Every penny I pocket, try to save
Will be used to pay for my pauper’s grave.

When sales tax is taxed over and above
I pay a month’s salary just for a glove,
And though I’ve proffered a purse of gold
All my fingers linger, remain ice cold.

You see, a poet’s poem don’t command enough
To pay tax on tax on all his stuff,
I’m forced to grow an annual garden
’cause double tax makes my arteries harden.

When I think of all my hard-working sweat
That goes to pay tax, I cannot forget.
I cannot forget.


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