How do you spell BARF in Inuit?

by Jack Locke

Does the Conservative Party of Canada take us Canadians for fools?

As Prime Minister Harper toots around Nunavut promoting Canadian sovereignty, high Arctic research, protection of the “unique and fragile Arctic ecosystem” and development of a strong Northern economy, I have to wonder how he can with a straight face, suggest that opposition leader Michael Ignatieff is “just visiting.”

Conservative's website perpetuates high-school-style criticism of Liberal leader

The day I see Laureen Harper pack up the kids and buy a house in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, I will know that the Prime Minister is serious. His fifth summer visiting northern Canada hardly makes him a local.

“As part of this strategy, our new High Arctic Research Station will be a world-class, year-round, multidisciplinary facility exploring the cutting edge of our Arctic science and technology. This station will create jobs, foster economic and social development, and help us understand and protect our northern environment,” says the Prime Minister’s press release.

Only a visiting politician would include protection of the northern environment and foster economic development in a single sentence.

[Update – Aug. 27, from Postmedia News: Oil companies could drill in Harper’s new beluga sanctuary]

It’s nice to see such sincerity being generated by his communications staff. And the pièce de résistance:

“The Prime Minister has made the North a priority for our Conservative Government because Canadians care about every part of our great country.”


2 Responses to “How do you spell BARF in Inuit?”

  1. wayne Says:

    That is indeed high school behavior on the part of the conservatives; could it be that they are finally maturing? 😉

  2. Paul Napoli Says:

    With our Canadian electoral system, we need a credible alternative to Harper project. I am sorry but Green party alone is not. Environment is important but economy also. Green party is for unreasonable people and people wants vote against a leader that represent their party.

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