Bloc Quebecois supports Elizabeth May??

by Jack Locke

Jacques Rivard listed as Elizabeth May endorsement motion sponsor

The Green Party has a little explaining to do. Why was their former member, now Bloc Quebecois member, Jacques Rivard listed online as a sponsor for the motion to endorse Elizabeth May? Rivard quit the Greens in June to join the Bloc Quebecois. Seemingly nothing can block the Greens.

BE IT RESOLVED that the membership affirm its endorsement of Elizabeth May as Leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Sponsor(s): Frank de Jong, Ralph Benmergui, Adriane Carr, Jacques Rivard, Helen Chennell, Louise Comeau, Johan Hamels, Frank deMont, Kate Storey, Doug Storey, Katie Gibbs, John Streicker, Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Eric Walton, Lorraine Rekmans, Janice Harvey, John Fryer, William Munsey, Drew Fenwick, Marlene Wells


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