Greens dance before dinner

by Jack Locke

The Green Party’s unconventional convention this weekend is fraught with procedural abnormalities. The major issue of leadership, whether or not to hold a leadership contest (as was mandated by bylaw,) was voted on in an omnibus motion before dinner today(Friday) with approximately only 250 members present.

The leadership contest was mandated four years prior, but then was reversed at the proverbial last minute.

“Do the words “Whack job” mean anything?” twittered SCBritton on the Green’s live post board. It remains possible that a further extension may be granted should the Greens choose to continually change the rules.

With live video streaming on the web, and instant messaging posted, the only thing missing was proper debate. An omnibus motion that included a change to rules, to delay a leadership contest that was set four years prior, is akin to political robbery, if you ask me. The Canadian Greens call it the Bonser ballot, but a Bonser bullet might be more accurate.

The old, last-minute switcheroo comes live, on-stream via high-speed internet. You can bet a few members will terminate their memberships over this one.


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