Green Party suffering from Gang Green

The Green Party is showing its true colours.

False information, advance voting disclosure, and inaccurate press statements from the party’s head office will be prime subjects for debate at their convention later this month in Toronto.

Lemieux notes "irregularities."

“In fact, I believe that all leadership and governance related motions and resolutions should be work shopped on the floor of the convention because of the irregularities that have occurred,” says Sylvie Lemieux, a Green Party dissident who calls her party’s official information misleading.

Results of the Green’s early mail in voting that will be finalized at their August 20 – 22 annual conference has concluded, but the results are being deceitfully portrayed.

A press release posted on the Green Party site, suggests 85% of Green members have voted in support of leader Elizabeth May. The truth shows that only 12% of members(846 voters) cast votes and that results on a procedural issue is being portrayed as a vote of confidence in May.

“Green Party members vote overwhelmingly in support of Elizabeth May” claims the headline on the press release issued by the party.

Most telling perhaps is that preliminary results of the mail in vote were disclosed prior to a final tally to be held at the convention. The prejudicial announcement is being used to suggest that the matter of a leadership contest has been determined—when it has not been, nor will be prior to the convention.

May seems to claim victory prior to convention

In what can only be described as false reporting, the party’s statement concludes with a note of gratitude from May.

“I am very grateful to our members for such a heartening expression of support. Working together, we can and will change Canadian politics, with elected Green MPs,” Elizabeth May is quoted in the release.


One Response to “Green Party suffering from Gang Green”

  1. Patrick Ross Says:

    May is clinging to leadership — there’s just no other way to put it.

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