Tick surveillance project starts

Canada has many ticks.

Name your tick!

Canadians, have you got a tick?

Name it: Poor service, unaccountable politician, latest ripoff, a certain product, or a government policy?

Tick of the week: DANIELLE SMITH

My tick of the week: Danielle Smith, leader of the Alberta Wildrose Alliance Party, who has not answered the question, “Does your party currently pay you?”  It’s Day 17 and counting.


2 Responses to “Tick surveillance project starts”

  1. Ian Cook Says:

    Of course she is paid but the WAP has to raise the money to do it.
    Different than with elected leaders that are paid by the tax payer.
    Why would you ask such a question? Her job is leading a political party and everyone gets paid to do their job

    • publicpoetry Says:

      Dear Ian,
      Do you represent the party in any official capacity? I would prefer to hear from the Wildrose Alliance Party to confirm this information.

      To answer your question, I first posed this question to Premier Ed Stelmach’s office(see blog entry, Like Pulling Bears’ Teeth.) I wanted to know if he was collecting a party mulroney(under the table payment.) In my opinion, it is acceptable for a party to pay a leader prior to their being elected. However, once elected, one becomes a public servant, with a duty to represent the people of ward, city, province or nation. To accept a mulroney from another source is a corruption of governance.

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