Fascists wear the nicest neckties

Premier Ed Stelmach and Mr. Naoki Kuorda, President, INPEX Corporation exchange fondnesses.

TOKYO, Alberta – There is a new phrase that has been added to the lexicon Albertasis: Government trade.

Government trade is a political ideology that seeks to trade government of the people for corporatist perspectives, values, and systems.
On Premier Stelmach’s recent Asia trip Government trade was everywhere. But answers to previously posed questions were not to be found.

Before Premier Stelmach discloses the total amount he receives in soft handshakes from the PC Association of Alberta, it was nice to see him basking in the warm clutch of Japanese friendship with Naoki Kuorda of INPEX, an Asian oil giant.

(If Jerry Bellikka(Stelmach’s communications director) is reading, I still await the information requested. Don’t rush. Another 2 weeks won’t hurt.)

INPEX Timor Sea Ltd. project

Incidentally, INPEX Corporation is a partner with Talisman Energy of Calgary in the Kitan Oil Field Australian off-shore project. An environmentally-responsible project that may include an under ocean pipeline. Just what the world needs.

Alberta, INPEX, Talisman. It is nice to see that what goes around comes around.

In other news, Premier Jean Charest

Quebec's fleurdelisé

has suggested that if he retires, he will no longer accept the $75,000 backdoor pourboire from the Liberal Party of Quebec. It’s good to know that global warming hasn’t impacted political slush.


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