Canada’s become a crabapple republic

by J.L.

Obamas share a recipe for success

The best jelly makers share their recipes. The worst politicians hide their pecadilloes. This is making Canada a crabapple republic.

As reported here in Like Pulling Bears’ Teeth(May 17, 2010), the office of the premier of Alberta is slow to disclose his yearly stipend from the PC Association of Alberta. I’d suggest Alberta consider changing its official song from Mary Kieftenbeld’s Alberta to: Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlatan.

Silent singer Premier Ed Stelmach

Likewise, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s last financial summary disclosure posted on the federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner’s website shows a date of November 27, 2007(Harper harpooned by own ethics harpoon, May 21, 2010.)

Compare this with United States President Barack Obama, who posted his personal income tax online.

You have to salute Mr. Obama for his integrity.

Canada salutes Obama, we just don't follow his lead

In April 2010, the president and first lady disclosed their income tax returns to the world. Capital gains and losses, their wages, salary, business income, and tips. Taxable income, business deductions, they are all there for the world to see. No false modesty. Gifts to charities, $329,100. It is all there.

Book sales pushed their net earnings from self-employment to $4,777,983. There is no shame in becoming comfortable. Only shame in shading the truth.

They have their affairs in order, man! Bless their accountants, Wineberg Solheim Howell and Shain, Inc. Sixty-five pages of boring information. Beautiful.

And so the gauntlet is thrown down, Mr. Harper and Mr. Stelmach. You have a choice.


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